Written by SA  -  Apr-86  
Recorded Solo in Georgia 04-18-86 (3:29)
Dedicated to MrRick
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(Played to the rhythm of 'When The Chips Are Down')
And then it was 78
You taught us how to face the rain
(S)...Helped us to smile again
You showed us how to live and learn
(S)...Seeing the wheels turn
California dream
Was just a tin pan fantasy...For you and me
And did that frog ever get away
(S)...Or did he get to stay
Now and then I think of you
(S)...I wonder how you have been since then
(Played to the rhythm of 'Oh The Way I Feel')
Oh the way I feel (S)...Words cant even describe
Mr Rick...I miss you
And when we were almost done
I heard a whisper in my ear
(S)...Telling me the time was near
And even though the words were never said
Did you know what was in my head
Will I get over you
When I drive away to the sun
(S)...Or will I be the lonely one
(Played to the rhythm of 'I Will Remember You')
You asked me if I would remember you (S)...Dont you think its true
I wanted you to know that I would remember you
And its true...That I miss you
In My Mind...I miss you
 Song Segments
 197802 Face The Rain
 197803 Live And Learn (Trilogy-III)
 197804 California Dream   
 197810 Frog Song
 197811 Only One Im Foolin
 197812 Oh The Way I Feel  
 197902 Whisper   
 198001 Words Thatve Never Been Said   
 197910 I Will Get Over You
 198010 Will You Remember Me
 198204 I Will Remember You

 Inspired Musically By The Flo And Eddie 
 1976 Song Keep It Warm 
  I liked how they changed the rhythm in mid verse  
 to match the lyrics of 'All You Need Is Love'