Written by SA  -  Apr-86  
Recorded Solo in Georgia 04-18-86 (2:24)
Dedicated to Linda & Rob
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(Played to the rhythm of 'Presence In Your Soul')
There I was...biding my time (S)
Falling in love
(S) ...I didnt know why (S)
(Played to the rhythm of 'Mrs Fortner')
I thought tomorrow I would know (S)
I thought the love I had would grow
(Played to the rhythm of 'Eleven Thirty')
It was 11:30 on that friday night (S)
We both had too much to say
And the time had passed away
Linda Fortner...I miss you
(Played to the rhythm of 'We Only Get Lonely At Night')
And soon it was 77
When we only got lonely at night
(S)...Despite our lonely cries
We said that we would always be friends
(S)...Till the very end
(Played to the rhythm of 'Floating Along')
Floating along down that long corridor (S)...We felt the love within
And you mellowed down to a new found love
Youre ready to start again
(Played to the rhythm of 'Moonlight Lady')
That moonlight lady she took your heart (S)
How bout the rest of you
Mr Rob...I miss you
 Song Segments
 197608 Presence In Your Soul
 197608 Falling In Love
 197610 I Dont Know Why (NR)   
 197704 Mrs Fortner
 197704 Eleven Thirty
 197705 We Only Get Lonely At Night  
 197708 Friend   
 197708 Floating Along
 197812 Moonlight Lady