IN MY MIND-II(Bob-California)

Written by SA  -  Apr-86  
Recorded Solo in Georgia 04-18-86 (3:35)
Dedicated to Bob & Bruce
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(Played to the rhythm of 'Getting Far Away')
It was 1975
We tried to leave it all behind
(S)...Tried to clear our mind
We thought we saw her walkin our way
(S)...There were no words to say
She had never really been loved
And then the time it went too fast
(S)...We turned around and it was past
And when we said we'll say goodbye
(S)...Did she know the reason why
(Played to the rhythm of 'I Can See')
Still the world turned round and round (S)
All we heard were different sounds
Mr Bob...I Miss You
(Played to the rhythm of 'Destination Nowhere')
All our memories (S)...Now I know what they mean
Oh can you help me
(S)...Can you really see
Soon had come the day
When we flew to San Jose...We really came to play
We had to save those nickels and dimes
(S)...Just to have a good time
We tried to sing our song in the sun...We tried to have some fun
Did we find a peace of mind...Or did we lose the time
California...I miss you
 Song Segments
 197507 Getting Far Away
 197508 Together You N Me
 197508 She Aint Never Been Loved   
 197511 Its Goin By So Fast
 197511 Ill Say Goodbye
 197601 I Can See  
 197603 Destination Nowhere   
 197508 Can You Help Me
 197605 Gonna Fly To California Soon