IN MY MIND-I(Paul-Bruce)

Written by SA  -  Apr-86  
Recorded Solo in Georgia 04-18-86 (3:20)
Dedicated to Paul & Bruce
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When we all began
We did a lot of travelin
(S)...and then came back
We waited such a long long time
(S)...yours and mine
The summer of 72
Brought me so much closer to you...This is true
And they said that we would never make it
(S)...But we made it
(Played in the rhythm of 'Mr Nixon')
Dear Mr Nixon (S)...Please help us before its too late
Mr Paul...I Miss You
And then came 74
You taught me why we came here for...Oh Carolina
We used to talk about that road
(S)...All alone
Once we went to OCC
To see what we could possibly be...It wasnt plain to see
We wondered if we would make it through...Or know just what to do
(Played in the rhythm of 'Julie')
You would spend the weekend (S) all alone at home
Playin with your mind and call the friends you know
Mr Bruce...I miss you
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