Written By Jackie -   JUL-2018 

v1 Written and Recorded by Jackie in Mich JUL-2018
Produced In Florida AUG-2018 (2:50)

NOG No Guitar Acapella Version Produced SEP-2018 (3:16) 


Orignal Album Cover Shot

Walking Down The Aisle!
Ever since I was just a girl
I wondered if and when Id find the one to share in my world
If we just know it right away
Or would it take some time but wed end up together anyway
And Id wonder what itd feel like
To know that [he was/you were] right there by my side
And I would never ever doubt in my mind
That [hed/youd] be there through it all
There to pick me up if I might fall
Id never be alone again
Wed be one through thick and thin
I thought that I found it before
But it turns out that they were not the one I was looking for
I wasnt sure just how I knew
Right up until the day that I first laid my eyes on you

Well I dont know how to describe the feeling that I get
But something in your eyes is telling me that this is it
This is meant to be I do believe
One look from you my heart skips a beat

And I know now what it feels like
To have you standing right here by my side
I will never ever doubt in my mind
That youll be here through it all
I know that you will never let me fall
Well be together till the end
As one one through thick and thin