Written By Rick -   AUG-2008 

I met her on the street one day
Someone from my past
And we were both still innocent
When I saw her last
But she was not the girl I knew
And it took me by surprise
She could tell what I was thinking
Cause she saw it in my eyes
Dont judge me now she said to me
I know what Ive become
I know where it is taking me and
Ill know when I am done
Im getting all that I can get
Just trying to survive
I havent lost my feeling yet
So I must be still alive
Any time or any place any hour of the day
Any man or any face just as long as they can pay
They know that I will always treat them nice
And the only thing they do is pay the price
I thought about the words she said
And made my way back home
Even though the street was crowded
It just made me feel alone
I realized as I looked back at
How our lives had been
The difference between us now
Is no more than back then
So think about the life you lead
And where you are today
And choices that you had to make
On the road along the way
And as you search for meaning
Before its time to go
There may have been some purpose
That you cannot really know
Still the years keep rolling by
And somehow as they pass
We each see things we wanted
Slip completely through our grasp
And age but now I think Realize
What keeps a man from dying
is not what keeps him alive
Any time or any place
Any hour of the day
Any man or any face
Just as long as they can pay
But in the end try taking this advice
Do something more than only pay the price