Written By Jackie -   APR-2010 

v1 Written And Recorded by Jackie
Apr-2010 (3:14)

Thinkin back through all the years Ive known you
Half the times Ive seen you here and there
Knowing you as my friends older sister
But the future has a friendship that we share
Ive crossed paths with many people in my lifetime
Met many types of people through the years
But you and I will stand out in my memory
Bringing a smile to my face instead of tears
For 28 years you made a difference on this earth
As well your spirit for many years to come
Being a daughter sister friend you were
Its not fair that you were taken so young
But then I think about the type of person that you were
And know you wouldnt want us to be sad
But you continue with our lives and happiness
And cherish all the wonderful memories that we have
Not only were you caring and unselfish
Putting others before yourself was what you did
I was so proud I saw your joy through music
You truly were a woman with a gift
And it hurts me so much you just cant come back to us
But that is just the way it has to be
But there is one thing I can say there will never be a day
That the thought of you would leave my memory