Written By (Rick) -   MAY-2018 

v1 Produced With Rick DEC-2019 (5:24)

The Making Of Produced JAN-2020 (16:51) 


Last night I climbed the attic stairs -To see if I could find
Something I had left up there -From a younger time
I reached the top pushed up the lid -The opening fell wide
I peered into the darkness -Then slowly climbed inside
I found the switch turned on the light -My eyes could clearly see
Boxes upon boxes -Full of things that made up me
Some were sealed tightly -On shelves where theyd been stored
some had fallen off -and spilled there contents on the floor
Scattered pictures tossed about -Of people I once knew
Tattered edges faded faces -One of which was you
Memories Id pushed away -Came rushing back as if to say
Something that they thought I didnt know
I can never really let you go
I think about it even now -The day I saw you last
How it all came falling down -And slipped away so fast
As angry words were spilling out -I looked into your eyes
But all that I could see in them -Was something like surprise
Sorrow over-whelms me -When I think of what Ive lost
Then a voice from inside tells me -Every choice comes with a cost
All those things you heard me say -Dont change the fact that still today
I can never really let you go -That is something you may never know
I searched and found why I had come -What I was looking for
quickly left that attic -With your picture on the floor
From time to time I know that I -Will climb those attics stairs
Retrieving some old memories -But leaving yours up there