Written By Bob -   MAY-2018 

v2 Rough Unproduced Audacity Version
From Reunion Aug-2019 (3:58)

Have you been thinkin bout me
Cause Ive been thinking bout you too
What to do now that you
saw me standing there with her
The thing is that I saw you too with him
Youre story just the same
And its wearing thin
How much longer shall we play this game
I see your car is back now
Did you have a real good time
Where did you throw your baggage
With all your little lies inside
Im back in town myself
Ive unpacked my bag
Nothings on my mind
Lets Stop the lies and loose no more time
I -wish I could talk with you
I -wish I could make you see
How - How much you mean to me
There was a time when I thought that
It would always be just us two
Its so complicated now
How we ever gonna see this through
And now I need to ask you once again
Is he your lover or plu-tonic friend
This makes me crazy and it has to end

I know so much about you
What make you laugh what makes you sigh
There was a time when I said
Words that made you cry
I didnt mean to break your heart
We both deserve a brand new start
No ones to blame -Lets stop this game
No ones to blame -Lets stop this game
Lets stop this game