Written By Bob -   SEP-1977 

v1 Recorded with Bob Sep-77 (6:08)


Does any-body know a place where I can go
To hide away for a while
Things just havent been right for me today
I find it hard to crack a smile
But I tried to smile as I was looking at her eyes
She said shed be back someday
But as I listened my world became a blur
I had to look the other way
I see her face in my dreams at night
I feel her love so I hold her tight
She will be gone too soon Gone too soon
She will be gone too soon Gone
Does any-body have some-time theyd like to send
It seems Im short on supply
For soon my arms will be empty once again
You know Id almost rather die
(Repeat CHORUS then AD-LIB)
She will be gone too soon -Gone too soon
Ill be alone -Sittin in my home
While shes gone yeah!
Where did she go -Oh no
Im alone dreamin of her
Im alone -Come on home -To me
My arms are empty but my dreams are full
I see her face every night
How can I face another day
Without her love -Without her love
Im an empty man -Im an empty man
Im not even a man!