Written By Bob -   APR-1989 

v1 Bob-Solo (4:36)


Bob - Stone Mountain - Oct 89
Heres a chance another chance
To finally leave alone behind
Leave alone behind for good
Weve been seeing far too much
Of each other recently
Recently has lasted far too long
Use the stars of the zodiac
Biorhythms of my track
Traits of mine you would attack
It matters not to me
Have you seen a doctor to
discuss your state of mind
List what you do in your spare time
How many friends have you really got
And are they very close
How much money do you make
Circle the letter that most clearly applies
It must be accurate we cant have lies
Well throw your answers in a file that applies
That only we will see
Matchmaker Do you know what Im going through
Matchmaker Tell me now what your gonna do
Matchmaker With the answers that Ive given you
Can it really work
Can it really work -Can it really work
Make a call make some conversation
But dont make it too deep
Imagination starts to play the game
Make some plans for a meeting place
Where other people meet
Try to keep an open mind
You might be nervous but dont let it show
Get all dressed up and put on a show
Have a plan somewhere else to go
besides it might just work